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Biofeedback Services

Amy Mooney, PhD, LMHC, NCC, ACS is certified in Biofeedback through the Stens Corporation and The Biofeedback Training Institute. She has completed over 48 hours of study in the protocol, techniques, practical applications and clinical procedures of biofeedback.

Biofeedback is a way to help you develop a greater awareness of your physiological functioning. Biofeedback instruments measure physiological activity in a visual and auditory format. It allows you to be aware of your physiological systems response and change. In essense you work toward regulating your automomic nervous system. This is done with diaphramic breathing, blood flow, heart rate variability and respiration. Chronic stress and anxiety impact the body. When you are in fight or flight response, acute stress, or stress reponse for a long duration this can cause damage. Sustained stress can lead to high blood pressure, muscle tension and pain, diminished memory and problem solving skills, suppressed immune function, and even depressive symtoms and increased anxiety. 

One of the primary uses of biofeedback is to help you become more aware of your response to stress, to become aware of any triggers that stimulate stress response, and current methods of recovery from stress that is not working. 

Ames Therapy & Consulting utilizes biofeedback as an additional treatment approach integrated into the counseling services. Clients with a variety of presenting concerns can benefit (PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, difficulty with sleep, coping with chronic pain, depression, Fibromyalgia, and headaches). If biofeedback is recommended for a physical concern (for example headache, chronic pain, or Fibromyalgia) a doctors must order this.

In regards to insurance, many times biofeedback is not covered or covered minimally, Therefore, prepayment is required for all biofeedback sessions. A protocol of five session provides a solid foundation that is particularly beneficial for you to learn to recognize and recover from anxiety, reduce elevated stress, and have an educated awareness of your physiological response to anxiety, stress, and pain.

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