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Clinical Telehealth

Technology has intergrated itself with our society. Daily we use technology to communicate at a very rapid pace. As technology continues to grow it has begun to stretch out into many venues. One of these venues is counseling.

Our philosophy with clinical telehealth technology and counseling is a blended method. Incorporation of  face to face sessions & video -based individual counseling session is utilized. Additionally, midway point of treatment & conclusion of treatment  face to face sessions are required. The blending face to face sessions and clinical telehealth sessions are up the patient and  his or her convenience.  The goal will always be to provide the best practices and promote the highest clinical standards. Ames Therapy and Consulting utilizes SecureVIdeo HIPPA Compliant Videoconferencing. Clinical telehealth is a venue to provide evidenced based psychological health treatment which embraces a new and evolving practice, bringing many advantages to the demands of counseling: 


  • Access to care- For those that are disabled or limited in travel abilities now have access to counseling professionals; those in rural areas seeking providers, and overall convenience for the client.


  • Brief Interventions - connection with counselors during acute issues is now readily availible; allowing for abbreviated sessions twice a week .


  • Cost Savings to Insurers & Clients- limits commute cost, offers greater access for counselor interaction in a highly concentrated setting.

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