Clinical Telehealth

Clinical Telehealth

What is Clinical Telehealth: Technology has integrated itself with our society. Daily we use technology to communicate at a very rapid pace. As technology continues to grow it has begun to stretch out into many venues. One of these venues is counseling .

Our philosophy with clinical telehealth technology sessions assist the patient and his or her convenience/schedule.  The goal will always be to provide the best practices and promote the highest clinical standards. Ames Therapy and Consulting utilizes HIPPA Compliant Videoconferencing. Our clients will be able to access immediate care conveniently and privately now with the option to follow up in person.  Clinical telehealth is a venue to provide evidenced based mental health treatment which embraces a new and evolving technology/practice, bringing many advantages to the demands of counseling:


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    • Access to care - For those currently quarantined this allows immediate mental health care and continuity of care with your existing clients; those in rural areas seeking providers, and overall convenience for the client.

    • Brief Interventions - connection with counselors during acute issues is now readily available. Provides immediate counseling for situations such as situational issues, depression, anxiety, stress management, and more.

    • Safety to Clients -  offers greater access for counselor interaction in a highly concentrated setting. Our staff wants to provide quality mental health care and continue to keep you and the clinical counseling profession safe.

Initial paperwork will still need to be completed by each client. All of our initial paperwork can be easily accessed on one's HIPPA complaint online portal connected to our offices. You will be able to immediately book online or call in and schedule your appointment. You are able to schedule by clicking 'Book Now' above or call.