Group Therapy for Chronic Pain

Group Therapy for Chronic Pain

BC/BS, Cigna, United Health Care & Worker Comp. accepted.

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What is Chronic Pain Group therapy?

When chronic pain intrudes on life after an injury at work, or other circumstance, many people are overwhelmed by intense, often negative, emotions that can include anxiety, panic, fear, grief, irritability and anger. These emotions also affect the body and mind. This may also cause low energy and even intensifying pain perceptions. As a result, a person spends more time alone/isolating themselves and less time with friends and family.

Group therapy sessions help clients become aware and learn to cope with negative changes and emotions, improve relationships and manage pain more effectively. Des Moines |Ames Therapy and Consulting Services Group therapy combines informal discussions about how lives have been affected by chronic pain and formal lectures in regards to pain psychology, establishment of coping skills, and relaxation techniques. Sessions focus on a particular theme, pattern of behavior, or area of learning, such as:

    • Anger management
    • Assertive communication
    • Perfectionism and unrealistic expectations    
    • Cycle of chronic pain 
    • Planning for a difficult day    
    • Personal responsibility
    • Relationships and chronic pain                                                                                    

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